Welcome to the Imperial World

Imperial Clans is the hottest and newest NFT project/collection to hit DeFi and the team behind the concept is ready to introduce the world to many tools! 🌎  

The Imperial Clans project is geared solely to the benefit of the owners and the ever-growing community of supporters.

Users can enjoy an interactive experience with Imperial’s mobile app and dashboard, which allows users to monitor and control their assets with ease. In addition, holders can find and take advantage of many investment offers and with their NFTs have first-class access to the latest offers.
With the team’s many years of experience behind us and knowing what’s best for DeFi investors, we’re ready to prove ourselves and launch the Imperial Clans collection.
Are you ready to build your own Empire?

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Sale starts soon.

I. Miles classicus


III/V NFT Holder Benefits

II. Miles gregarius

DCCC pieces

III/V NFT Holder Benefits

III. Signifer

CD pieces

III/V NFT Holder Benefits

IV. Aquilifier

CCLVI pieces

III/V NFT Holder Benefits

V. Optio

CXXVIII pieces

III/V NFT Holder Benefits

VI. Tesserarius


IV/V NFT Holder Benefits

VII. Dekurion

LXXX pieces

IV/V NFT Holder Benefits

VIII. Centurion

LXXII pieces

IV/V NFT Holder Benefits

IX. Primi ordines

LXIV pieces

V/V NFT Holder Benefits

X. Primus pilus

LVI pieces

V/V NFT Holder Benefits

XI. Praefectus

XLVIII pieces

V/V NFT Holder Benefits

XII. Tribunus angusticlavius

XL pieces

V/V NFT Holder Benefits


Preafectus classis

IV pieces

Bez nazwy-3


II pieces

Bez nazwy-4


I piece

Bez nazwy-6


I piece

Bez nazwy-1


I piece



I piece

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Imperial platform

We focus on safe and simple trading of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Using the latest trends in Blockchain Technology, we combine them in one place under the common Imperial emblem. Imperial is a unique project that is the first in the world to secure the assets of its investors based on physical assets. That’s not all because the Imperial platform is created for many sectors of traditional finance as we know it by applying Blockchain technology to them.

Check our WP and stay up to date with our activities.


Creating safe, innovative, sustainable products existing in the DeFi and Web3 spaces that allow users to manage their investment in a simple and secure way.


Imperial Clans’ mission is to create an elite group of investors and beneficiaries by integrating their unique avatars into the many investment programs on the Imperial platform.

Imperial Denar

Imperial Denar is a deflation token paired with all transactions on the Imperial platform, which will provide it with enormous liquidity.
90% of all Imperial Denars will be burned to 36.9 million coins.
The fee for Imperial Denar is divided into 5 parts in sequence:
  • 5% burn pool.
  • 40% Imperial Denar PoS pool.
  • 5% Imperial Clans PoS pool.
  • 30% Imperial profit.
  • 20% Increasing the Imperial 4life pool.


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Our sale starts

The sale of our NFT will take place in 3 rounds.

1. Whitelist sale for 80% of public sale value.

2. Public sale.

3. Sale by bidding on the Imperial platform.


Newsletter Form (#3)

16th August 2022

GENESIS” – Creating a concept.

1st January 2023


25th March 2023

Our sale starts


Imperial Clans NFT is a unique priority card in Launchpad on the Imperial platform – elite access to newly listed tokenized projects.

Holders placing their avatars on the Imperial platform will take part in the NFT Staking pool, which is as much as 5% of the trading fee on the entire Imperial platform.

Participation in the lottery of tokenized projects.

Priority in investing in Imperial Gems.

Rent your avatar – transferable subscription in the form of a lease.

3690 one-of-a-kind avatars.

12 levels of avatar rarity and the ability to trade on the Imperial NFT Marketplace.